Why Us?

GrowingGiraffe is a toy library where you can subscribe and have access to toys and books listed in our catalogue. Each item listed on our website is deeply researched on how to engage, stimulate and entertain children in age -appropriate ways.

We offer toys/books which have originated from 8 different countries.

UK, USA, Italy, Germany, Australia and Thailand to name a few.

Toys listed in our catalogue cost upto Rs. 10000, you can rent them by subscribing to any of our plan.

Each Child is different and thus we have a personalized skill tracker to help you keep a tab on your child's progress while they have their fun growing up.

While we are child centric, we are also pocket friendly.

Why play?

Children have a full time occupation. It’s called PLAY!

Play is pivotal to a child's development. Playing helps children develop their creativity and imagination and boosts their brain development. Children learn to interact socially. When play is allowed to be child driven, children practice decision-making skills, move at their own pace, discover their own areas of interest. Just by playing, a child can conquer their fears, gain confidence, learn life skills like sharing and caring, develop emotional intelligence and of course, build concepts.


Why Books?

It is proven that the earlier you start reading to children, the earlier they start talking and reading. Reading daily also helps create an emotional bond between the parent and the child. Each book carries in itself a different world of its own. And all that information provides the child with the background knowledge about the world they live in. It helps them make sense of all that they see, hear and feel.

There is more treasure in books than in all the pirate’s loot on treasure island. ~~ Walt Disney

Why Toys?

Children come into this world like blank slates; curious and hungry to absorb whatever they see, learn whatever they experience and write their own life stories. Toys provide a focal point to the children and spark their imagination and creativity. Through toys, a child explores a lot of abstract concepts, develops their gross and fine motor skills and gains cognitive understanding in a gradual play method. The freedom and flexibility that a toy offers to children in their early years forms a strong base for all their future learning.

A toy a day keeps sadness away!