GrowingGiraffe is a toy library where you can subscribe and have access to toys and books listed in our catalogue.

We offer toys/books which have originated from 14 different countries.

UK, USA, Italy, Germany, Australia and Thailand to name a few.

We offer toys that cost upto Rs. 13000, you can rent them by subscribing to any of our plan.

Popular Brands

Why should I rent toys when I can buy them?

Most children lose interest in a toy after playing with it for sometime which eventually renders it redundant. Renting a toy gives you the privilege to present your child with new toys regularly. Doing this not only saves you money but also gives your child the opportunity to engage, play and learn with a number of toys. With toys being shuffled regularly there will be almost no clutter at home. And we can all agree, it's going to be super light on your pockets!

And trust us! You’ll feel much better when you know the impact that renting toys has on the environment.